10 Lipstick Tricks To Get Sexy Pout-Worthy Lips

Lipstick is that one make-up wonder, we can’t do without. However, some of us do struggle with getting the tricks right for the look we may wish for. Here are some incredibly easy lipstick-tricks you can make use of:

  • Apply lip stain first

You could use a different technique for lipstick application with this one – apply a lip stain and then proceed with lining your lips. To finish it up, use your preferred lip colour over it.

  • Make your own sheer lipstick

The matte finishing has its own effect but for a night out, you could definitely use a shimmery hue. If you’ve been looking for a particular lip shade, make one on your own!  Use a matte shade as a base coat and use a shade lighter or darker in a shimmery tone over it.

  • Apply concealer for fuller looking lips

Simply blend in some concealer at the centre of your lips. This helps them appear larger as you apply a coat of your preferred lipstick over it.

  • Smudge lip liner

If you don’t want your lips to look too done up, line them with a pencil and soften the corners with your finger tips. Be cautious of not messing or spreading it all over.

  • Draw an X

If you want your cupids bow looking prominent, draw an X around the centre of your upper lip. Once you do this continue to line the rest of your lips.

  • Use translucent powder

You always wish you dint have to touch-up your lipstick every now and then, right? Try this for a long lasting effect – blot your lip colour with a tissue and brush on some loose or translucent powder. 

  • Avoid teeth staining

Many a times, because the lip colour reaches the inner surface of your lips, it stains your teeth before you realise it. This quick technique can help – put in your index finger and pout, pull it out right then. You’ll see the excess colour getting onto your finger.

  • Outline with nude pencil

Even if you are not used to lipstick application with a lip liner, stick to using a lipstick first. As you are done, outline your lips with a nude or concealer pencil. This will shape up your lips beautifully.

  • Shade your lips

Are you looking for a bitten, yet shaded lip-effect? It’s easy – Outline the rest of your lips with a lip liner, leaving the inner-centre area on your lower lip. Once you have covered up most of your lips, blend in only the centre mixing the same colour with a gloss or Vaseline. 

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