7 Benefits Of Honey For Skin and Beauty

1.If you’ve got a cut or a burn, dab a dollop of pure honey onto it and you’re good to go. Thanks to its anti-bacterial nature, it helps heal wounds faster.

2. For the same reason, it is also good to prevent and treat acne and breakouts.

3. It is the ultimate cleanser moisturiser. Applying a thin layer of honey on your skin leaves it smooth, supple and nourished, cleansing it without stripping it off natural oils.

4. Honey is a good de-tan agent, while combating the damages caused by excessive exposure to sun like rashes and sunspots. It boosts overall complexion and skin health.

5. Since it is high in antioxidants, it is great to slow down the ageing process and treat mature skins.

6. Dry and dehydrated skin conditions could do with a spoonful of honey – from chapped lips to cracked heels, they’ve all been known to benefit.

7. It works as a great scalp cleanser. Applying raw honey on the scalp can treat dandruff and dry, flaky skin on the scalp.

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