A Doctor Gives 4 Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

In this day and age where individuals battle with time due to their busy schedules, many of them tend to overlook their health. This has schedules, many of them tend to overlook their health. This has led to an alarming increase in the incidence of non- communicable and lifestyle related diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes and has accounted for half of the deaths in recent times, What is worse is that this increase is happening in Low and Middle-Income countries like india.

Chronic kidney disease also adds to this issue. World Health Organization projected a prevalence of choronic kidney disease worldwide, among 8-16% of adults above 30 years of age and has considered it to be of the major reasons for a rise in mortality rate.

A balanced, healthy diet plays an important role in fighting factors that trigger chronic kidney disease. Consuming the right food in right proportion can certainly help prevent the onset of kidney disease.

Obviously, preventing kidney disease and working towards attaining a healthy lifestyle is what we should all aim to do. Dr P Rahul, Nephrologist, NephroPlus Dialysis Centre at Citizens Hospital, Hyderabad, suggests few healthy life style tips that can reduce and control the risk of developing kidney disease:


  1. Diet: Unhealthy diet can lead to kidney damage. Excess consumption of sodium, red meat, processed food and sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity which lead to ahigh chance of suffering from Kidney disease. Meals which balance the glucose level in your bloodstream and stabilize your blood pressure are certainly beneficial.

Eat Right To Stay Healthy:


  1. It is always good to go grene: include more of fruits and vegetables in your diet as it is one of the beat ways to protect your kidneys
  2. Get Real: Drop the high-salt, trans-fat take aways and convenience food like hot cakes and fast items. Develop an actual intrest and enjoy cooking from scratch with fresh, healthy ingredients. These tast better and good for your kidneys.
  3. Be conscious about fats: Select the right cooking oil to protect the blood vessels in your kidneys
  4. Go Nuts: Boost your intake of nuts and legumes. They are tasty and also provide healthy fat and fibre
  5. Reduce Consumption Of Sugar: Sugar can be harmful to your overall health and kidney if consumed beyond required A void sweeted drinks and treats, fast foods, processed food and red meat.

6. Right Grains: Explore the wide range of legumes, grains, and nuts thet are readily available in the market and make them a part of your daily eating.

  1. Regular Checkups – Keep an eye on blood pressure and blood sugar levels as these are the biggest caue of kidney disease.


  1. Drink Fresh Water – Consistent water in take is highly recommended by the doctor. Water helps the kidney to remove all the waste from the blood in the from of urine.


  1. Exercise – Any kind of physical activity – even small to moderate amounts helps avoid gaining excessive weight and also ensures that you slep well. Healthy kidneys promise you a clean and fresh body! So take that small step today and work toward a healthier you!

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