Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Growth

Hair loss is a depressing thing to experience. It can affect men, women and children, both physically and psychologically. One of the most effective treatment options for hair growth include stem cell therapy for hair.

Stem cells can transform into almost any type of cell in the body and hair is no different. The cells are self-generating, make identical copies of themselves and divide into more specialized cells. Over the years, there has been much talk about the effectiveness and level of safety associated with stem cell therapy for hair loss. If done correctly, stem cell therapy for hair growth could be successful to re-grow and restore hair.


Stem cells are engineered into hair follicle cells in a laboratory. These new cells are then transplanted into the scalp and the damaged cells then replaced. The stem cells live on the surface of organs and tissues and at the base of their hair follicles. Surface stem cells of the hair follicle divide to make new follicles. Hair follicles renew themselves through stem cell division. After a period of hair growth, the cells rest for some time and the process repeats.


Stem cell therapy for hair growth is one of the most researched treatment method as far as hair growth is concerned. It was in the year 2003 that Harvard Medical School researchers identified a protein that regulates hair follicle stem cell division. They came to conclusion that if hair follicle stem cell division is blocked, it may generate hair growth.

In 2004, a research at the University of Pennsylvania transplanted hair follicle stem cells into adult mice and found that it caused more hair to grow. In 2009, patients using an injection that had stem cells and other growth factors were given. The subjects reported increased hair growth. Because past research has given positive outcomes and found particular cells that affect hair growth; it could open the door to stem cell therapy for hair.

Losing your hair can be traumatic. There are many things that you can do to slow or stop the onset of baldness, including natural remedies as well as permanent solutions. Stem cell therapy is associated with few side-effects; it could provide a safe and effective treatment for hair loss if done under the guidance of an expert. This procedure would cost you more than most existing treatments because it is considered to be a type of plastic surgery.

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