What Happens To Your Body When You Are Depressed

A lot has been spoken about depression these days. Whether it is about how it feels or what medicines to have. However, very little is spoken about what bodily changes it causes. Depression is a mental condition however, it affects your body greatly. We ask Dr Anand Mishra, Internal medicine specialist from Hiranandani Hospital, Vashisays that physical changes do occur- but can be pretty subtle.
‘Depression is a common problem, especially in urban settings. The person may become very touchy and irritated leading to angry outbursts and may try to even harm himself or family members,’ said Dr Mishra.

Given these symptoms, it is common to see that there can be major weight gain or weight loss. So these are few times you should identify if anyone around you is depressed. Watch out for:

  • Sudden weight gain/loss.
  • Poor hygiene
  • Appetite changes
  • Troubled sleep
  • Excessive or no sleep.

‘Some very early symptoms include troubled sleep, one may have difficulty in sleeping or may sleep for prolonged hours, appetite changes either severe loss of appetite or binge eating, loss of interest in self, poor hygiene, work, personal relationships and low self-esteem,’ explained Dr Mishra.


  • Depression can be a chronic condition where the symptoms are controlled by adequate therapy and proper medication.
  • If treatment is defaulted by the patient without clinicians advise there are chances of the condition becoming chronic where the patient may develop bouts of depression on stopping the medication.
  • Proper psyche evaluation.
  • Appropriate medical therapy for the depressive condition.
  • Diet counselling is the standard treatment plan.

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